What is BrightFlame Books?

We're here to help you increase your impact and your income with your own Bestselling Book. We help you write it, publish it, launch it, and monetize it..

If you've tried writing a book in the past and struggled to get started or make progress, we are the solution.

We're not here to churn out 20-page "short books" or "big business cards." Our Authors want to create books they can be proud of, that position them as the Standout Expert in their industry - the person everyone wants to work with, whatever it takes and however much it costs. From coaches, speakers, and consultants to financial advisers, health practitioners, and many other professions, we've been privileged to help them take their knowledge, experience, and expertise and turn it into a bestselling book.

We don't work with everyone who approaches us simply because we know we're not a match for everyone. We want you to succeed (because that's what counts as a success for us), so here's how to know if you're a fit for our programs.


  • You're ready to make your book a priority, and you want to get it done in the next 12 months.
  • You're ready to invest in yourself and your business,
  • You want to follow a proven, trusted step-by-step process to achieve your goal.
  • You want a book that contains your ideas, in your words, with your voice.


  • You have other priorities for this year.
  • You don't have an established business or proven expertise.
  • You want a ghostwriter who will simply take your "big idea" for a book and write it without your input.
  • Writing a book is a vanity project. You're not interested in using it to launch or grow a business.

Are YOU our next bestseller?

Being great at what you do is just the beginning.

“A book is, hands down, the single most effective way to convince a stranger to trust you and buy from you.”

I started BrightFlame Books for one very simple reason: to help professionals like you stand out, get hired, and have more impact.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, advisers and service providers, I have seen one truth time and again. When it comes to proving to a prospective client that you are the leader in your field and the only sensible choice, there is no tool as powerful as a book with your name on the cover and your ideas on the pages: in a prospect’s mind, you’re not an Authority if you’re not an Author.

The problem is, most professionals are simply too busy to run off to a cabin in the woods for a few months to write their masterpiece. That’s why we developed our collaborative writing process. We’ve reduced the time required from you, the expert, to under 48 hours spread over a period of around 7 months. That’s how long it takes, typically, for our team of strategists, writers, editors, designers, and marketers to take the knowledge in your head and turn it into a bestselling book that would look right at home on the shelves of a major bookstore.

Some of the Books Our Team Members Have Helped Bring Into The World

Whatever stage you're at on the path to becoming a bestselling author, we're here to support you and help you get there

We'll write, edit, publish, and launch your book for you

Our Collaborative Writing Package is our interview-based writing and publishing service for busy coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives who want to write a book but either don't have the time or don't think of themselves as a "writer." 

The process is designed from the ground up to capture your ideas, in your words, in your voice.

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