Collaborative Writing Package

The BrightFlame Books Collaborative Writing Package is our interview-driven professional writing, publishing, and launch service for busy coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives who know they need a book to position themselves as leaders in their industry and grow their business.

Whether you've been held back by lack of time, or you don't think of yourself as "a writer," we designed the Collaborative Writing Program to help you validate your book idea, develop it into a full concept and outline, and finally write, edit, design, publish, and launch your book.


for 8 months. Total $40,000

How Does It All Work?

We call the books we help our clients write "Anchor Books"—because the book becomes the anchor for their brand and therefore for all the services, products, events, and marketing that they create. Our approach to Anchor Book publishing is underpinned by three key principles:

  1. Most experts lack the time or the patience to write a book themselves. However, they LOVE to talk about what they do.
  2. Experts do best when they focus on their ‘superpower’—their expertise—and outsource writing to people whose superpower is writing.
  3. Just because Amazon makes it possible for anyone to write and publish a book doesn’t mean that they should.

We developed a method for helping our clients to publish their books that embodies these three principles. We don’t call it ghostwriting; we call it Collaborative Writing.

The BrightFlame Books Collaborative Writing Process


You meet with a strategist to discuss your business objectives and whether a book is a good fit for you.

Together you develop the core message of the book, who the target audience is, and what action you want them to take as a result of reading.

The strategist will get to the heart of your personal story and the hook behind what you do. This will help us in identifying potential titles, creating promotional materials, and will also feed into the content of your book.


Now that we know who is reading the book and why, and what we want them to do after reading, we create a path for them: What do they need to know in order to take that action? What result do they need to get? If you don’t already have one, we help you to create a proprietary system, model or process to achieve that result.

From that we generate a high level outline, and then your writer works with you to dive progressively deeper into the outline, creating a series of questions–sometimes as many as 300–that will guide the next stage.

What we’ve found is that the more time we spend getting this plan right, the easier it is to create a great book with you


One of our experienced writers interviews you at length over several weeks. They will work through the questions from the content plan, drilling down into specifics and examples, expanding on the principles you set out, and generally getting what you know out of your head and into words.


One of our professional editors takes the transcripts of your interviews and turns them from a conversation into a book, taking care to maintain your tone and character throughout.

The draft then goes through two rounds of review by you and revision by the editors, so that you can be totally happy with how you, your business and your message are being presented.


Our Production Team take the approved manuscript and turn it into a professional book. We design a professional cover and interior layout, assign an ISBN, and take care of all the details that can derail a publishing project.

Before publishing, we add calls to action to turn your readers into identifiable prospects and clients.

Finally, we take care of getting your book on Amazon and other major retailers in print and as an eBook, and registering you as an author.


One of the guiding principles of our approach is that you should make money from working with us. To make sure that happens, we run a launch campaign in the early days of release designed to turn the book into a bestseller on Amazon.

We also help you to plan and implement a marketing campaign using the book to generate business opportunities.

What's Included

Our Collaborative Writing Process is based on more than 10 years' experience of helping busy entrepreneurs turn their knowledge, experience, and expertise into books and using those books as the core of their personal brand and marketing.

Everything we do starts with one simple question: How will this book help you grow your business?

Strategy First

  • We'll start by looking at your overall business objectives, and how the book can be used to support those. This is critical, because we want to be sure that you have a clear path to Monetize your book at the end of the process. 
  • You'll get clear on the Best Next Step you want your reader to take after reading your book so they can work with you further.
  • We'll help you create or refine your Framework for Results: the intellectual capital that sets you apart from others in your field and makes you #competitionproof. Many of our clients have already turned what they do into a branded system, model, or framework before coming to us. If you haven't, we'll work with you to create your own system - something only you can teach, and which only you can implement for your clients.

Finished Manuscript

  • Detailed outline and chapter plans
  • In-depth interviews to get what you know out of your head and onto paper in your own words and in your voice (one of the things we hear regularly from our clients is that people who know them and read the book say, "I could hear your voice in my head as I read.").

Published Book

  • A professional cover design and interior layout that would look at home  in a bookstore next to "traditionally" published books.
  • Full management of the publishing process: we take care of ISBNs for each version of the book, we'll write your back cover blurb and author bio, we'll set up your accounts on major publishing platforms, and upload all the files.

Distribution and Fulfilment

  • We set your book up for on-demand printing with global companies so your readers can get a book wherever they are in the world. You can also order copies for your own use at cost with no minimum order quantity.
  • We set up distribution through major online retailers, and make the book available to brick-and-mortar bookstores worldwide.
  • All accounts are set up in your name so you keep 100% of the royalties.

Marketing Strategy

  • Our books are always marketing-led. You'll get a 1-on-1 Power Day with Rob Cuesta (value $10,000) live on Zoom to strategize how you'll build your book into your marketing campaigns.

Bestseller Launch

  • Comprehensive Book Launch Playbook and video training detailing activities you can carry out to build buzz and excitement while the book is being written and prepared for publishing, and to carry that excitement over after it is released.
  • Live Strategy Session to create a custom launch plan and lay out your personal launch calendar.
  • We also run a series of Day One Promos designed to turn your book into an Amazon Bestseller in a relevant category as soon as it is released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We could list hundreds of famous authors who relied on a writer to create their book and no one notices (or cares). The bigger point, however, is that you're the author and we provide the writer. Everything in the book has come from you. We're simply providing expertise on the aspects of writing, publishing, and launching your book that you may not be an expert at.

Our process is based on detailed interviews. That's how we capture your ideas in your words. One of the most common pieces of feedback we hear from our authors is that their friends read the book and said it was just like listening to them speak about their subject.

A traditional ghostwriter takes your big idea for a book and then does their own research to turn that into a manuscript. The result is a book that has none of "you" in it: it's not your words, and it's not your voice. You're just buying the right to put your name on someone else's book. And.because they're doing all the research and having to learn everything about your subject for themselves, hiring a ghostwriter is considerably more expensive than working with us: a good ghostwriter will typically start at $100K or more. 

What's more, a ghostwriter's involvement stops when they give you a manuscript. Then it's still up to you to turn that into a finished book and publish it. 

With our Collaborative Writing Process, all the ideas come from you, and they're in your words. We're simply taking what's in your head and putting it down on paper. Then we take that paper and turn it into a beautiful, professionally formatted and finished book. All in one proven process that we manage end-to-end for you so you don't have to.

Sometimes a client comes to us with a part-written draft. However much they've already put together, we always go back to the very first steps in our process: Positioning and Planning. 

Once we know exactly what the book is trying to achieve and we are clear on the structure of the book, we can look at whether any of the existing writing fits in. Usually, we find that it doesn't match the overall direction of the book and that it's easier to start with a blank slate rather than try to shoehorn the existing material into the new book.

Once we've completed the content interviews, your writer will create a first draft that sounds less like a conversation and more like a book. Internally, we refer to this first draft as the "s**t draft". Why? Because it is (intentionally) very rough. The first draft is really about making sure that we've got the information we need out of you and that we've understood everything you gave us. 

At that stage, however, we have multiple rounds of review and updates still to do - internally and by you - during which the book is progressively polished, incorporating feedback from you and from our editing team.

By the time we get to the final draft, our authors are almost always happy with their manuscript and we're ready to pass it to the teams who will turn it into a finished book.

But what if, even after all those edits and updates, you're still not happy? It's possible (but unlikely!), and in that case we'll work with you to get the book to where you want it to be. Ultimately, we're all working towards the same end goal: to make your Anchor Book the best it can be (after all, it's not just your name on the cover; we're on there too as the publisher). So, we'll do what it takes (within reason).

Most of the books we write end up in the range 120-200 pages: not long enough to put off a reader, but long enough to get your message across. We don't believe in writing  very short "big business card" books, as those are often little more than a glorified sales letter. 

At the same time, we're not creating the next War and Peace. In that sweet spot of 120-200 pages, there's enough substance to get readers engaged with the message and interested in knowing more.

And if you want to write a longer book, it's a discussion we can have (the longest book we've written weighed in at over a pound and more than 400 pages!): we'll just check that you're doing it for the right reasons and that it will help your business, not hinder it.

Ready to write your book?
Let us help!

If you're ready to become a bestselling author this year, we'd love to discuss how we can support you.

We'll look at your book idea, how a book will fit into your business, and help you decide whether this is the right next step for you.


for 8 months. Total $40,000